Use Cases
What can Obvy be used for?
Adaptive Onboarding
Give users step by steps instructions on how to integrate your product with their development environment.
Context Aware Guides
Walk users through how to use your product to build out their use cases.
Living Documentation
Use our embed's to make your static documentation and guides interactive and context aware.

Obvy Smart Engine

Help customers build out their use cases faster by leverage the Obvy Smart Engine. The engine adapts your content depending on the customer's preferences and environment.

Check out these modules to see the power of Obvy.
Pricing Plan
What’s our monthly pricing subscription
Open Source
Free for open source projects
Per Month
Free Forever
Unlimited Public Modules
Module Analytics
For Small Businesses
Per Month
Up to 10 Users
Up to 5 Integrations
Up to 5 Private Modules
For Large Development Teams
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